was founded to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate.  We have done this by merging traditional real estate best practices with the money-saving efficiency of current technology.  “The outcome will enable everyone to sell his or her home for a fraction of traditional costs”, says co-founder Sam Owens.


For sellers, we have created a powerful system that steps you through everything from listing your home to signing the final closing forms in ways that are simple and intuitive – all within our application.

For buyers, we are making it easy to find a home and quickly move though the process of scheduling property visits, inspections, asking questions, making an offer and signing paperwork.

Either way, you get the streamlined feel of modern online tools, market reach of premier MLS services, and the comfort of knowing that there is always a live real estate broker behind the scenes auditing your transactions.


“Homeownership is a common goal but the task can be daunting. Fear of the unknown causes many to give up. Studies show that buying or selling a home can be more stressful than bankruptcy or divorce”, says Sam Owens



The founders of ReallyONE have taken their 25 years of experiences and created a process that is educational and allows involvement with the consumer. Keeping someone in the dark creates tension and uncertainty, which is unacceptable when making life-changing decisions. “We see it first hand; clients appreciate the transparency of our process”, said Dee Owens, Broker.



Regulations have put more checks and balances in the real estate transaction. You need a team that understands the roadmap and guides you around the hazards.  ReallyONE has created simple interfaces people use everyday to keep buyers and sellers informed. Additionally, we have assembled a team of expert vendors that contribute to a smooth process from start to finish.



“It has been interesting to watch our client base”, says ReallyONE’s Broker Dee Owens. Technology spreads across all generations today. Our initial expectations reflected millennials would be the initial consumers.  However, we have had a large percentage of baby boomers using the technology.  We are pleased to see such cross generation acceptance.


ReallyONE understands the commitment required to make your dream of homeownership come true. The process doesn’t start nor end with signing papers. Along the way events will attempt to derail your goal. That’s where we come in, nudging you back on track. We have experienced the fear and excitement you will face and have built the team to get you home.