What does it cost to sell my home?

ReallyONE is a hybrid company, merging together traditional Real Estate practice with the capabilities of today’s Internet solutions.

ReallyONE in Seattle charges you 1% to sell your home. We are a low commission full-service real estate agents and do not charge any a la cart fees for additional services. Traditional Real Estate charges the homeowner an average of 6%.

Are there any additional fees or agent commissions (other than traditional closing costs) that I could incur?

There are NO additional fees, ReallyONE’s business model is simple, 1% will get your home SOLD.

What makes ReallyONE in Seattle different from other Real Estate companies?

Our mission allows you to save 5% off a traditional commission. The key to saving you money is owner participation. You can help us with this process by being more involved in some of the simpler tasks. An owner’s knowledge of the home, community and features make you the optimal choice to tell the story.

Will my property be listed in the same MLS database as a full-service broker?

We are operating as a low commission full-service real estate agents with a full-service brokerage and are members of NAR (National Association of Realtors), and the local MLS. Your listing will be marketed in these databases, as well as many others such as Zillow and Trulia.

Will my property be monitored and shown?

Your property will have the latest electronic lockbox allowing ReallyONE to monitor agent showings. You will receive notification when someone enters your property. For any non-agent showings, the prospective buyer will show a photo ID prior to touring your home.

As a Seller how am I assured that the buyer previewing my home is qualified to purchase?

ReallyONE requires that all buyers provide a pre-qualification letter from a lender. Our preferred lender is Mortgage Master Service Corporation. We know there are many options for the consumer, but we have created this relationship to streamline process. We will accept any documented qualification letter.

I am not sure the seller is the best person to show the property. An unscrupulous seller might not present the true property condition.

The seller will provide and sign a disclosure of the property’s condition. An full service real estate agent with ReallyONE in Seattle will do a walk through and review the property. This should bring attention to any issues, however, most buyers obtain a professional home inspection.

How will contracts be presented?

The difference using ReallyONE will be automation. We want to make it an engaging opportunity for both parties. All contracts will be generated online and reviewed by your agent prior to being presented.

How will negotiations be handled?

All negotiations will be handled with automation and efficiency in mind. ReallyONE and your agent team are dedicated to procure the best terms to meet your goals. An on-line process will drive negotiations between both parties, with your agent reviewing all correspondence during the process.

How will closing be completed?

ReallyONE uses a technology platform to monitor all stages of your sale. Most of the closing process is channeled through Escrow and Title.

If I were a competing agent, I would not want to show a property that netted me such a low commission. Is there an option that ensures "outside" realtors will get an industry standard commission if they bring a qualified offer to the table?

Our business model and statistics show that most of today’s buyers discover a home online before they reach out to an agent. If a buyer brings his own agent, he or she can compensate their broker through a buyer-agency agreement. This has been commonplace over the last few years for bank owned properties that typically have lower commissions. Our business model provides a team concept that assures both buyer and seller will have representation.

How can I sell more than one property at a time?

Currently, you can only list one property for sale at a time with ReallyONE in Seattle. We are working on enhancements to allow you to manage multiple concurrent listings. In the meantime, you can always create a second account using a different email address, in order to list a second property for sale.

Many email providers, such as GMail, allow you to append a suffix after a “+” to the part of your email address that precedes the “@”. For example, if your email address is “bob@gmail.com”, you can create accounts with “bob+property1@gmail.com” and “bob+property2@gmail.com”, and ReallyONE will treat them as separate accounts, but all the email will arrive at the same GMail account. Be sure to check whether or not your email provider supports this feature.

Can I apply my 1% buyer rebate to my down payment?

Rebates are subject to State and Lender approval and applied to closing costs. They cannot be applied as part of your down payment. Contact your ReallyONE full service real estate agent for full details.

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