We’ve brought real estate into the modern age.

We founded ReallyONE in Seattle to take the mystery out of real estate and enable everyone to sell their home for a fraction of today’s cost. We’ve done this by merging traditional real estate best practices with the money-saving efficiency of today’s technology. What your get is a low commission full service real estate brokerage for home sellers or buyers.


For sellers, we’ve created a powerful system that steps you through everything from listing your home to signing the final closing forms in ways that are simple and intuitive – all within our application.


For buyers who know what they’re looking for, we’re making it easy to find a home and quickly move though the process of scheduling property visits, inspections, asking questions, and closing the paperwork.


Either way, our full service real estate brokerage in Seattle provides a streamlined feel of modern online tools, the market reach of premier MLS services, and the comfort of knowing that there is always a live real estate agent behind the scenes auditing your transactions to make sure they are complete, correct, and optimal.

Leadership Team

ReallyONE is founded and run by a family leadership team that has been selling real estate for over 30 years.
Sam Owens


Sam is an experienced businessman with a passion for optimizing process. His long career in real estate spans all areas of the industry from investment and management, to finance and lending. A man of singular focus, Sam has spent the last few years pioneering toward his vision of a modern real estate landscape by connecting all of the major players in the transaction lifecycle from brokers and lenders to inspectors, auditors, credit repair, and escrow/title companies. He truly believes his vision for ReallyONE will make the real estate world a better place for homeowners and home-buyers. When not on the job, Sam likes to relax on the water spending time with his family out on the boat.

Tim Owens

Tim’s expertise in simplifying and automating complex tasks and workflows is what drives the core technology vision of ReallyONE. These skills come from nearly a decade of leadership and consulting experience focused on integrated technology solutions, channel sales, SEO, and process automation for the likes of Zumiez and Costco Wholesale. When he shifts his eyes away from ReallyONE they can be found focused on his wife and daughter, with golf coming in at close second.

Dee Owens

President of Real Estate Operations

Dee has decades of experience as a real estate agent under her belt. As a consistent top performer at high profile agencies such as ReMax, she has built up a wealth of knowledge about the industry and has had great success through all sorts of market conditions. Real estate runs in her family. Even her parents and siblings have all been deeply involved in the industry in one way or another. All this experience and expertise is brought to bear at ReallyONE by applying her years of insight to the development of proprietary automated methods and systems. The consummate customer advocate, Dee stands on the front lines every day helping buyers and sellers make the most of their real estate transactions through ReallyONE.

Product Development Team

ReallyONE has partnered with Facet Digital to bring the vision of efficient, automated real estate to fruition. Facet has been involved in all aspects of product development from refining and defining the vision, planning the build-out, and executing on the design and implementation of the end-to-end system. Their understanding of what it takes to conceive, build, and ship scalable software solutions, and passion for delivering high-quality code and beautiful designs has been critical to the success of ReallyONE.

Learn more at facetdigital.com