The convenient new way to sell and buy homes.

ReallyONE is a full service real estate broker online in Seattle, we provide an automated platform that removes the mystery of real estate, saving you thousands. We’ve crafted a simple and intuitive real estate experience that guides you through the entire process of listing, buying, and selling your home. Watch how it works.

Pay only a ONE percent fee.

Why choose a full service real estate broker? No hidden fees – really! We do this by enabling sellers to handle simple tasks like uploading photos and submitting your own listing using our simple app, or even showing your house yourself. Don’t worry – ReallyONE based in Seattle has full service real estate brokers that makes sure all your paperwork is accurate and our licensed real estate agents are always there to help if you need assistance.


View this commission comparison to sell a $500,000 home.

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Efficient streamlined process for faster sales.

We’ve merged traditional real estate best practices with the power of today’s technology. Our system painlessly steps you through everything, whether selling or buying. Beginning with the listing or offer and continuing till the closing forms are signed, we want to make sure your transaction is seamless.
  • " was as easy to use as Amazon, and enabled a quick turn-around on my property. The site was a fast and efficient way to move my property, and for only 1% commission! Everyone I worked with at the agency was very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend for any one selling or purchasing a home."

    Larry Short
    Larry ShortReallyONE Home Seller

Barrier-free home purchasing.

ReallyONE makes the home buying experience as pleasant as shopping at your favorite online retailer. With access to every home listed in our supported markets, homebuyers can now conveniently schedule a home tour, ask sellers direct questions, or even make an offer – all without the barrier of finding a traditional agent. And for using our simple tools, we’ll provide you with a 1% buyers rebate that will save you thousands.


Contact your ReallyONE full service real estate broker for full details.

Get mortgage assistance

When it comes to securing a loan, we’re prepared to help everyone from the seasoned investor to the first-time buyer, and are equipped to assist with every step of the process, including credit repair and consolidation. Whether you need a 15- or 30-year fixed, adjustable-rate, or just a pre-qualification letter, our simple tools will help you understand your options and find the loan that best fit your needs.

ReallyONE is currently available in the Seattle area. Please contact us to talk with our full service real estate brokers if you have any questions or visit our FAQ.

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